Program of the International Conference “The ways of Love” (October 3, 2014)

“The ways of Love”. International Conference towards pastoral care with homosexual and trans people (October 3, 2014)

ANDRESS> Waldensian Faculty of Theology, Aula Magna – Rome (Italy), October 3, 2014

2.00 pm Welcome

2.45 pm Marco Politi (Journalist and Vaticanist) Introduction

3.00 pm Bishop Geoffrey Robinson “Towards a new understanding of LGBT lives and love”

3.50 pm James Alison (Theologian) “Towards global inclusion of LGBT people within Catholic communities: a new theological approach

4.20 pm Antonietta Potente (Theologian and domenican nun) “From exile to inclusion, from waiting to contribution: a new attitude for LGBT people”

4.50 pm Coffee Break

5.20 pm Video “Needs and lives of LGBT chistian people” by Yulia Matsiy, independent Russian director and filmmaker who resides in Milan (Italy)

5.50 pm Letizia Tomassone (President of the BMV Commission on “Faith and Homosexuality” “The path of Protestant churches from prejudice to full inclusion of LGBT people”

6.20 pm Joseanne Peregin (President of Christian Life Community- Malta) “LGBT children’s parents’s fears and expectations”

6.50 pm Italian LGBT catholic representatives “Contribution and proposals from italian catholic LGBT people to the Synod”

7.00 pm Questions and Answers

8.00 pm Conclusion.


The conference is sponsored by the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups and financially supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of the Netherlands

The organization committee (in alphabetical order not to be mentioned): Francesco Boschi (REFO, Italy); Michael Brinkschroeder (European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups, Netherlands); Michael Clifton (David et Jonathan, France); Francis De Bernardo (New Ways Ministry, United States); Marianne Duddy-Burke (DignityUSA, United States); Gianni Geraci (Il Guado, Italy); David Musonda (Dette Resource Foundation, Zambia); Innocenzo Pontillo (Progetto Gionata, Italy); Andrea Rubera (Nuova Proposta, Italy); Diane Xuereb (Drachma LGBT, Malta)